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Keyclone Technologies is a leader with over a decade of track record in providing molecular biology service to demanding customers. Some of our customers are labs from Howard Hughes Institute and top pharmaceutical companies. Our expertise in tackling challenging DNA subcloning, making transgenic /gene knock-in / knock-out constructs, difficult mutagenesis and other molecular biology services has earned our reputation in the field: unrivalled fast turnaround with guaranteed quality and among lowest price.

Routine subcloning and mutagenesis are the techniques that most labs have to deal with. However, when working with difficult subcloning or challenging mutagenesis sites, it is not unusual for even experienced scientists to take weeks or months to complete the project with added expense of hundreds of dollars in reagents. An otherwise simple step could easily stop your experiments from moving ahead. These roadblocks are common. Let us help you remove these barriers quickly and cheaply so you can focus on your downstream experiments. Keyclone will allow you to advance your science and give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

In addition to routine DNA subcloning and mutagenesis, we also provide transgenic and gene knock-out / knock-in construct making, stable cell line generation, protein expression and aptamer screening services for customers.

We have drastically cut prices on our services to allow our top level services been enjoyed by most labs with regular budget. Contact us for your request details and our experts will respond to you immediately.


Keyclone Technologies

9505 Gold Coast Dr. #124

San Diego, CA 92126

Tel: (513)-509-4317

Email: clone@keyclone.com