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Keyclone Technologies has been providing premier molecular biology services for a decade with extensive experience serving demanding customers from the Howard Hughes labs, top 10 universities in the country and leading pharmaceutical companies, as well as loyal customers from Germany, Israel and Japan. In addition to custom DNA subcloning, mutagenesis and gene KI / KO constructs, we also provide services for stable cell line generation, protein expression and purification, and aptamer screening.

Subcloning and mutagenesis are the routine tasks that most labs have to deal with. However, when working with difficult subcloning or challenging mutagenesis sites, it is not unusual for even experienced scientists to take weeks or even months to complete the project with added expense of hundreds of dollars on reagents. An otherwise simple step could easily stop your experiments from moving forward. Making gene KI / KO or transgenic constructs can be especially challenging: a postdoc or technician spending months on troubleshooting is a familiar scene. Difficult constructs require more skilled and experienced hands to avoid the hidden hurdles. These roadblocks are common. Our expertise can help you remove these barriers quickly and cheaply so you can focus on your downstream experiments, turning your brilliant ideas into beautiful data. With ten years of track record in service Keyclone is well known for its ability in solving difficult DNA cloning problems with unrivaled fast turnaround and guaranteed quality. Our rock bottom price also allows most labs with limited budget to enjoy our first class services.

Whenever you run into problems with your DNA subcloning or mutagenesis, just remember that Keyclone is around to help you. Contact us for any technical questions and our experts will respond to you immediately.


Keyclone Technologies
2180 E.Galbraith Rd
Bldg B / Rm 118-120
Cincinnati, OH 45237
Email: clone@keyclone.com
Tel: (513)-509-4317